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What is MetabolicRX Therapy?
MetabolicRX Therapy is a wellness program that combines the exercise expertise from your physical therapist with the nutritional guidelines from a registered dietician. Each treatment consists of tailor-made therapeutic exercises and nutritional education with sessions that lasts about 1-hour for 4 to 8 weeks. 
What does MetabolicRX Therapy include? 
The program starts with a thorough orthopedic evaluation by a physical therapist to determine the most efficient treatment plan and includes weekly body composition measurements using the latest in technology to track progress.  Counseling services are on hand to help motivate and manitain progress even when the program is over.  A maintenance program is also available when the program has been completed at an additional nominal fee.  

How much does MetabolicRX Therapy cost? 
Because it's through a physician's referral, it's covered by most health insurances for those who suffer from joint and muscle pain, chronic fatigue, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, muscle loss and/or osteoarthritis.  Standard copay's and deductibles apply.  
What do I bring for my first visit? 
If you want to use your health insurance, you will need a signed prescription from your doctor, a copy of your insurance card, and athletic wear or loose fitting clothing.  
For cash only patients, we don't need a prescription or health insurance card, just come in athletic wear or loose fitting clothing.  
Has your doctor told you to start exercising or eating right, but you don't know where to start?  
Do you have aches and pains associated with being overweight and out of shape?  
This is where the MetabolicRX Therapy program at Telesis PT comes in.  By giving you the support you need, you start to feel in control, of your body, AND YOUR LIFE...